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Intimate Living with the Holy Spirit

Intimate Living with the Holy Spirit

Deeper Revelation Books 2019

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Product Description

One morning in his home office, Steve Richard was enjoying God's incredible presence when the popular Christian book, A Purpose Driven Life, came to his mind. Then the Lord posed an important question to him, "What does a presence-driven life look like?" He sat stunned, processing that penetrating statement. He knew what a purpose-driven life was, but he had never even heard the phrase "a presence-driven life" in twenty-five years as a believer.

When the Lord asks a question, it's not for His own benefit. Steve began asking himself: "Presence-driven: how does a person live that out?" As he pondered this concept, he heard the Lord say, "Go after that!"

That encounter with God re-prioritized Steve's entire life as he sought for answers to these questions. The journey he accepted led him to explore the most mysterious and misunderstood personality in the Bible-the Holy Spirit. This book contains the insights and experiences he received in pursuing "Intimate Living with the Holy Spirit"-the One who is and ever will be our Helper, Counselor and Guide.

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  • Publisher: Deeper Revelation Books
  • ISBN: 0942507169
  • ISBN-13: 9780942507164
  • SKU: 9780942507164
  • Release Date: February 22, 2019
  • Language: English

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